Transparency Portal

Open & Honest Government

Since our incorporation in 1955, we have worked closely with the public in an open and honest manner to build the highest level of public trust. Since our website was first launched in 1999, it has included our employee compensation schedule, our annual operating and capital budgets, rate schedules, and our Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

Employee and Board Compensation

All board members and employee compensation, including salaries and benefits, are adopted by the Board of Directors in a public meeting process where our customers always have the opportunity to review and comment. Division 10 of the State Water Code establishes the parameters in which board members can be compensated for their service. Board members are compensated based upon each day of service and not based upon number of meetings attended. Board members can only be compensated for 10 days of service in one calendar month. In November 2015 Ordinance No. 2015-11-1 was adopted, adjusting the Board of Directors per diem to $250 per meeting (the per diem had not been adjusted since 2005).

The California State Controller's Office hosts a database of public employee salaries. The Cucamonga Valley Water District (CVWD) complies with these transparency requirements.

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