CVWD currently operates and maintains approximately 421 miles of wastewater collection system ranging from 8 to 36 inches in diameter.  Wastewater that is generated by CVWD’s customers is transported through this collection system and sent to IEUA Wastewater Treatment facilities where it is processed into recycled water.  

The CVWD Wastewater Utility Department provides quality maintenance to the wastewater collection system and ensures that the sewer mainlines are flowing properly at all times. The primary task of this department is performing preventative maintenance on the system through sewer line cleaning and video inspection programs. This is done using a high pressure water jetter to clean the sewer line, or if necessary, vacuuming debris from the pipeline. This work ensures that the system is flowing properly and eliminates sewer backups in the future. 

CVWD staff use Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) inspection trucks to remotely televise the internal condition of pipes and flow of the wastewater system. This allows the District to proactively target locations of necessary repairs related to tree root intrusion, blockages and damaged lines. CVWD address all sewer calls from our customers with an emergency response timeline.   
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