Oil & Grease Interceptor

An oil and grease interceptor is a waste treatment tank that uses only gravity and time to filter wastewater from kitchen sinks and drains. It is a large concrete tank with two chambers, installed underground, with manhole covers for access, buried outdoors in the parking lot or landscaping area. Oil and grease floats, the solids sink, and the clarified wastewater in the middle passes through to the public sewer system.
Grease Interceptor
Oil and grease interceptors capture solids, oils and grease, which slowly accumulate in the two tank chambers instead of discharging to the sewer. Without interceptor maintenance, accumulations would eventually cause a block and your kitchen drains would stop working.

Oil and grease interceptors require periodic maintenance by a pumping and disposal company. This can be scheduled on a calendar basis, or as needed. Oil and Grease Interceptors must be pumped before they exceed 25% solids and grease.

Want to keep your pumping costs as low as possible? Schedule your oil and grease interceptor pumping by loading (when it is 25% full) rather than a time schedule. Contact CVWD for help monitoring the oil and grease interceptor loading.

Want to keep your pumping costs lower still? Pumping companies charge by the gallon. Contact CVWD in advance to witness your oil and grease interceptor pumping and we will verify the actual volume of the oil and grease interceptor for you, and make sure they do a thorough and complete job.

Upon request, the Cucamonga Valley Water District (CVWD) will inspect your oil and grease interceptor for you, anytime, for free. Contact CVWD to check if your interceptor requires pumping, or call us to witness the pumping and disposal. We will make sure the job is done right for you, at no additional cost to you.

Properly maintaining your oil and grease interceptor will prevent sewer backups into your restaurant and in the public streets. Sewer spills are very costly and a health and safety hazard. Teamwork with the district will save you money and ensure the sewer system works without fail for our customers and the environment. We are here to serve.