Sewer Use Permit

All new and existing food service establishments (FSEs) and restaurants are required to apply for an FSE sewer use permit. Not all FSEs will be required to obtain a permit, but all FSEs must apply to ensure continued water and sewer service.

View or download the Food Service Establishment Sewer Discharge Permit Application.  
Example of FSE Permit
Inspection & Permitting Program
FSEs are an important and significant industry. Well over 300 FSEs currently operate within the Cucamonga Valley Water District (CVWD) sewer service area, discharging over one million gallons to the sewer every day. To ensure proper sewer maintenance and operation, CVWD has established an FSE permitting and monitoring program per regional and state requirements. The rules and regulations are published in the CVWD Municipal Code, Title 6.

Important Tips
  • Any change of ownership, business name, or kitchen modifications will require a new FSE Permit Application to be submitted to CVWD.
  • New and existing FSEs may be required to install an oil and grease interceptor or modify an existing one. This could be a very large expense. Be sure to contact CVWD when you plan to modify the kitchen, menu, or change the business name or ownership, and ask if this could be a requirement for your FSE. Ask CVWD about any requirements and plan ahead.
  • Do not sign a lease agreement until you know if an oil and grease interceptor will be required. If an oil and grease interceptor is required, you will need to have construction plans, financing, and time. You will not be able to open your business until plans are approved, and construction and installation are completed.