Theft Reduction

With the economy in a down-turn and the ever-increasing value for scrap metals (i.e., brass, copper, aluminum, etc.), theft of recyclable metals is on the rise. Most of the assemblies that have been reported missing were not painted or installed in enclosures. Backflow prevention assemblies installed / hidden from view behind structures or bushes are the main focus of the thefts.

Ideas to Reduce Theft

  • Install theft reduction equipment (enclosures, lock bars, chains, cameras)
  • Paint (scrap metal is less valuable when painted)
  • Camouflage (fake rocks, cover assemblies - out of site out of mind)
  • Assemblies with less metal (new assemblies on the market made with composite plastics)
Please note: If you do install some sort of enclosure or anti-theft equipment that has a locking mechanism, don't forget the lock!

Examples of Theft-Reduction Equipment

Large Enclosures
Larger Enclosures
Ball Valve & Locking Mechanism
Ball Valve and Locking Mechanism and Cable Locks
Enclosure Over Bypass & Stemguard
Enclosure Over Bypass and Stemguard
Enclosure & Stemguard
Enclosure and Stemguard