District Backflow Prevention Assemblies

RPReduced-Pressure Backflow Prevention Assembly (RP)
RP device has relief valve located between two check valves. RP device are used on larger domestic and landscape service lines.

DCDADouble Check Detector Assembly (DCDA)
DCDA consist of two backflow assemblies, one on the main line and other on a bypass line. The bypass line contains a small meter for detecting water use. A DCDA lacks a relief valve. DCDA are used on main fire service lines.

Reduced-Pressure Principle Detector Assembly (RPDA)
RPDARPDA is similar to DCDA with relief valve. RPDA are used on sites where chemicals are added to a fire fighting system. RPDA provide additional protection compared to DCDA.

Double Check Valve Assembly (DC)
This consists of two internally loaded,DC independently operating check valves together with tightly closing shut-off valves upstream and downstream of the check valves.